How to schedule an email in Outlook?  The perfect time to send an email is when a recipient is just about to check their inbox. However, you may not always be online when your recipients usually check their emails.  That’s why most people schedule their emails in advance to go at a specified time to ensure that it’s always opened and gets a response. In this video, I’ll show you how to schedule an email in Outlook, 

  • Compose your new message in the message window, add the recipient’s email address and click the send button.  
  • That’s how you can schedule a single message in Microsoft Outlook.  You can always find your scheduled emails in your outlook folder. 
  • open outlook and click on new email.   
  • Alternatively, you can press control plus end to open a new email.  
  • In the new email window, click on the options tab, then select delay delivery in the dialog box that opens, select the specific time and date you want to send the message.  
  • Then click on the close button