QuickHelp Learning Platform

Our QuickHelp Learning Platform increases productivity and software adoption and reduces IT support costs.

What is QuickHelp?  Watch this short intro to learn more.

QuickHelp is our learning platform that allows you and your staff to be as productive as possible.  Since it’s designed to give you fast answers to common questions, you’ll be able to reduce IT costs, learn a new skill, and quickly adopt new software.

Our Proactive Care and Comprehensive Care clients enjoy a QuickHelp subscription for every staff member at no additional charge!

If you’re interested in learning more about putting QuickHelp to work for you and your company, let us know.

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An introduction to QuickHelp!  How does it work?

Sample QuickHelp training video:  Sharing a File from OneDrive

Sample QuickHelp video:  Using PowerPoint to edit videos.