In this video,

you’ll learn how to create a cool animation effect in PowerPoint using a photo or graphic.

  • Open the PowerPoint and in the Home tab select the option new slide. 
  • Select the blank slide, then select the insert option. 
  • In the pictures, select the option online pictures. 
  • Here you can search backgrounds, pictures, scenes, etc. 
  • Search for a mountain, select the mountain and insert it. 
  • Next, drag and drop an animated scene from File Explorer to PowerPoint. 
  • You can download or purchase animated GIF from Google or other free sites. 
  • Adjust its position. 
  • Select the option animation click more. 
  • Then select more motion paths, scroll down, and select the motion path. 
  • Drag and adjust the animation path. 
  • Animation is fast, so we’ll slow its duration. 
  • Slow the animation. 
  • And your simple and easy animation is created.