Fireside Chats

Fireside Chats are short videos, geared towards business owners and C-level employees.

Welcome to the Fireside Chats!  Fireside Chats are intended to be a place for business owners and c-level employees.  The topics I post here are general business-related items.  However, feel free to recommend them to your staff member!


You can select files to copy with the keyboard. If I hold down a control and hit a, I will get everything in that folder. Maybe I don't want all of these though.


When you drag files from one folder to another, and those folders are on the same hard drive or thumb drive, just dragging them, actually moves the files from the source to the destination.


If you ever had this happen, you go to drag some files from one folder to another, and instead of putting them on the folder you wanted, you accidentally dropped them somewhere else.

Setup sync on browsers

Setup sync on browsers

I'm gonna show you, make sure that you're signed to Microsoft for edge for the browser, so that your data is syncing.

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