Fireside Chats

Fireside Chats are short videos, geared towards business owners and C-level employees.

Welcome to the Fireside Chats!  Fireside Chats are intended to be a place for business owners and c-level employees.  The topics I post here are general business-related items.  However, feel free to recommend them to your staff member!

Fireside Chat: What’s Included In My Service?

A client had a problem the other day, but didn't call because they were worried about a bill. So, they let the issue frustrate them and get worse. However, the issue was covered under one of their current agreements with me! So, before you and your staff let an issue...

Fireside Chat: Quick Customer Orientation Review

So, in the last episode, I talked about ways I'm working to communicate better with you, our employer.  This week I want to touch base on some things that you and your staff can do to help us provide the best service.  Take a few minutes to review and share this with...

Fireside Chat: Communication

Welcome back to the Fireside Chats.  Why do I even bother with these things?  Well, because it's one of the important ways I communicate directly with you, my employer, about a variety of topics such as cybersecurity, changes to the IT industry that will affect your...

Fireside Chat: Security Is a Pain in My Butt Too

It's true. I hate security as much as you do.  Passwords.  Authentications.  Inconvenience.  But, it's an all too important necessary evil in today's business world.  Here's why we just spent hundreds of hours upgrading all our clients to a new security product.

Russia -Cyber Threat to Your Business?

Russia -Cyber Threat to Your Business?

Are you concerned about the increasing cyber threats to businesses? You're not alone. Many business owners are worried about the possibility of a Russian cyberattack that could disrupt their business and cause serious damage. Russia is considered to be one of the...